Stop Asking Questions and Listen !

In the skills listed under the gamut of “communication”, the corporate workforce skips over a key focal point that can greatly enhance their core; listening as an elite form of negotiation. Now you may ask, listening, oh that seems like an easy technique to master, but contrary to popular belief, listening is not the same as hearing. One way to listen to is to stop asking questions. When you listen, you really just listen. ...READ MORE

Strategies to Engage and Motivate a Team to Improve

The Corporate environment can be very challenging. High expectations, targets to meet, clients to manage, teams to handle and competitiveness can all take its toll on employees. In the olden days companies would share their philosophy, goal, targets and expect employees to simply follow their orders. Times have changed. Getting commitment from all the employees is now a critical aspect to the growth and productivity of an organisation. There are many qualified motivational speakers available ...READ MORE

A New Wave of Corporate Training

Organizations today suffer from a skills supply chain challenge… more than 70% of organizations cite capability gaps as one of their top five challenges’ says Josh Bersin in his article for Forbes. (Forbes, 2014) Organisations looking to put their leaders through the grind in the current business environment are investing heavily on training, augmenting budgets by as much as 87% this year. (‘Economic Times India’ September 2013) ...READ MORE

Improving Morale with a Top Motivational Speaker

Motivation is the difference between a productive employee and a disengaged employee. For years, this concept has been tossed from expert to expert, each trying to find the right balance of incentives and practices to keep employees motivated. According to a study conducted by Nohria, Groysberg and Eling Lee, motivation in a workplace is indicated by - engagement (effort and initiative shown by the employee), satisfaction (the extent to which the company meets their expectations and meets the ...READ MORE

Training By Engagement

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 99% of job seekers would be loyal to the employers who would invest in training them. Several corporations are emphasizing on training in recent times. Companies are moving away from traditional training techniques to inculcating methods like e-learning to train their employees in bettering their skills and improving their work efficiency. These non-traditional teaching methods have proved to be very effective and as a result, finding alternative teaching met ...READ MORE

Measuring Corporate Health - Wellness in the Workplace

42% of the employees in the Indian private sector are affected by depression, according to a study by Assocham, 2015. A HealthcareMagic report also says that 75% of corporate employees have elevated cholesterol levels and 80% have high BP levels. "Corporate India is sitting on ticking time-bomb in terms of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and occupational hazards like chronic back pain... seem to be the norm rather than the exception," says Dr Abhilash Thirupathy (co-founder and vice-presiden ...READ MORE

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When Speaking Minds was founded in 2007 in New Zealand, little did we envisage that this would grow into an international brand with offices in India and London in less than a decade. We set up the business to share what we had learnt, from the privileges we have had in our jobs – of access to knowledge. Bringing India to the rest of the world was our driving force.

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The dna of our business is genuinely about sharing knowledge with the world, from thought leaders and experts who are notable achievers in their field. Raga D'silva quit her highly successful corporate career in New Zealand in 2007, to set up a dream business of connecting knowledge, insights, motivation from exceptional talent with the corporate world, globally.

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