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Mohit Rao is a Mind Reader, Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer. He has the ability to read your Mind, control your thoughts and even influence decisions.

Using his skills, he has predicted the exact closing of the BSE Sensex live on national Television, hypnotised over 25000 people worldwide and used telepathy to drive a car blindfolded!

He has performed for some of biggest corporates like Airtel, - Aditya Birla Group, - Bayer, - Canon, - Hewlett Packard, - ICICI,- Dominoes, - Honda, - HCL, - LG... and in every major Indian city and overseas in Russia, Srilanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong and the USA....

His new Show *THE MIND READERS OF MARBLE ARCH* is a Mind Reading Show based on Past Life experiences! 

Set in 1874 A.D. London, it is the story of the 4 amazing psychics that Mohit Rao met in his past life and the phenomenal secrets they revealed about Mind Reading, Telepathy, Hypnosis and so on. 

Now 140 years later, your guests will 'Experience' these same amazing hidden secrets....


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