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Who am I

Shayamal Vallabhjee is a Sports Scientist & Performance Coach whose experience of more than a decade in high-performance sporting environments speaks volumes about his expertise in helping identify and hone the winning traits in people. As a Sports Scientist, he has worked with various sports teams and high profile athletes to enhance those invisible parameters that add up to the 0.5% that gives them a competitive advantage in a high performing environment. Drawing inspiration from the sports world, Shayamal can help your organisation develop a positive mindset, a culture of innovation and the adaptability that is needed to keep your business agile in a competitive environment.

Sport is enveloped by a relentless pursuit for perfection. It is this drive that has honed Shayamal's observations and experiences, which enable him to present valuable and sustainable lessons not only to sportspersons but also to corporate houses. Some of his key focus areas include: maximising focus, team building, adapting your leadership style for greater impact, adaptability and innovation, creating a culture of excellence, fast-tracking accountability and trust, developing a team vision, and handling pressure.

Shayamal is also the Founder & Managing Director of HEAL Institute, a Sports Medicine and High-Performance Institute in Mumbai, India. He was the recipient of the INK fellowship in 2013, and Sports Chair to the Australia India Youth Dialogue. He passion for academics has led to him being on the advisory and peer review committees on many scientific journals and publications.

He is an avid ultra-marathon runner, cyclist and mountaineer. His latest project will see him run marathons on every continent and summit the seven highest peaks on each continent.

In sport, our tireless pursuit of perfection teaches us that last year's personal best performances only set the baseline expectation for the year ahead. This tireless pursuit is embodied by a culture of excellence that drives innovation. Using sport, he can help your organization develop a positive mindset, create a culture of innovation & develop the adaptability that is guaranteed to keep your business agile & competitive in a high performing ecosystem.


- Adapting your leadership style for greater impact

- Driving motivation 

- Maximising focus

- Handling pressure

- Team Building 

- Role of EQ in Leadership

- Creating a Culture of Excellence

- Adaptability & Innovation

- Fast-tracking Trust & Accountability

Developing a vision & a team identity

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